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Harry Potter/Albus Dumbledore Fanfiction Masterlist

The other day, while working on the Fanlore page, I started trawling the internet for Harry/Dumbledore stuff. I expected to find, like, four fics, and I ended up finding a whole bunch -- but spread out over various sites and archives and not exactly easy to track down. Hence, this handy masterlist.

  • I'm including everything labeled Harry/Dumbledore, even if it's not overtly slashy. Pre-slash or implied slash counts if that was the author's intention
  • There must be a reasonable amount of Harry/Dumbledore in the story. Fics with ships in addition to it are fine, but if it's just mentioned in passing that doesn't cut it.

  • WIPs/incomplete fics are included if a significant amount of the story has been written. If there's only a chapter or two and no indication of Harry/Dumbledore yet in the story, it's not on this list
  • Individual chapters of stories are included if the Harry/Dumbledore is isolated to that chapter and it more or less stands on its own (e.g. drabble collections)
Please let me know if you know of any other Harry/Dumbledore fics that meet these restrictions!
Personal recommendations are marked with a [].

Ficlets & Drabbles
(<1,000 words)
After Death by snarkyscorp (also at AO3)
PG-13, also Dumbledore/Grindelwald. 23 Apr 2010. There are two sides to every story, even after death. (830 words)

Half a Person by happiestwhen
PG-13, angst. 05 Feb 2006. Harry goes to visit Dumbledore after the end of HBP. (500 words)

If Desires Were Galleons, chapter 24 by Ex Mentis
PG-13, time travel. 2011. For the prompt Young!Dumbledore/Harry; home. (125 words)

In Plain Sight by npetrenko (also at LJ and author's site)
PG-13, poetry. 03 Nov 2003. Even the most harmless looking things can be destructive. (28 words)

Kind Monster by npetrenko (also at LJ,, dA, and author's site)
PG-13, poetry. 11 Oct 2002. The real Albus Dumbledore. (33 words)

A New Beginning by nanthimus
PG, also Harry/Snape. 2007 or before. It's another year at Hogwarts. (248 words)

The Practical by Delphi (also at DW)
NC-17, dub-con. 13 Oct 2003. Harry sees something he wishes he hadn't. Set during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (200 words)

The Storyteller by switchknife (also at PSA)
NC-17, chan. Dec 2003. Truly gratuitous pedophilia written in honor of Le Kink. An alternate universe in which Dumbledore took over Harry's guardianship after James and Lily died... (175 words)

Sacrifice by npetrenko (also at LJ and author's site)
PG, poetry. 27 Sep 2003. Albus would do anything for the one he loves. (39 words)

Those Eyes by madeyemax
R. 07 Sep 2005. Harry wants to tell him everything. Harry wants a lot of things. (200 words)

Vanished Moments by lmeden (also at AO3)
PG, underage. 18 Jul 2010. Small moments plopped in the midst of canon that have been, apparently, forgotten. (723 words)

Short Fics
(1,000 - 20,000 words)
Call me Albus by Black Cat (also at
NC-17, non-con, suicide. 15 Jul 2003. Dumbledore bonds himself to Harry to protect him. They must complete the bond by Harry's 16th Birthday. (4,979 words)

Cat in the Hat by Black Cat (WittchWay)
NC-17, chanslash, extreme underage. 08 Oct 2003. Dumbledore reads Cat in the Hat to Harry... (1,348 words)

The Consequences by TCRegan and Sophie Richard (srtcfics) [archived link]
NC-17, non-con. 13 Dec 2003. Dumbledore is forced to teach Harry about the consequences of using an Unforgivable. (2,035 words)

Courage by happiestwhen
PG-13. 04 Sep 2005. Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. - Mark Twain (1,015 words)

Days That Don't Belong by Midnight Axis
PG-13, young!Dumbledore. 23 Dec 2011. Harry is dealing with the aftermath of the war when he hears the new that Dumbledore is alive! But...he doesn't look like the Dumbledore he remembers. He looks like he came out of Rita's book of his younger days. (WIP, 4,372 words)

Every Saint a Past, Every Sinner a Future by rustandstardust (a.k.a. 20 Words//Albus Dumbledore)
PG-13, also Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Dumbledore/Snape. 22 Jun 2012. Albus Dumbledore reflects on his life. (1,111 words)

Extended Vacation by Dramatic Clovers
R, time travel. 16 Dec 2007. Harry saves the world and decides he’s done with modern problems. He wants to travel back to the Founders Era to live out his life, but he ends up in the year 1898, where Dumbldore is 17, and looking at him rather funny… (13,141 words)

King's Cross Again by McGonagall's Bola (also at AO3)
PG-13/R. 20 Aug 2009. "Ah, Harry. Here we meet again." ... "You're still the same," Dumbledore stated, still smiling. "Still just as modest as I remember." (3,656 words)

Last Words by Mystical_Magician (also at AO3)
R, time travel. 01 May 2009. Five times the timeline remained more or less the same, and one time it didn't. (4,325 words)

Lessons in Unorthodoxy by Queen of the Castle
R, non-con. 23 Aug 2011. Dumbledore’s lessons make it evident how comfortable he is with Harry. Perhaps a little too evident. (1,938 words)

Never Accept Gifts From Crazy Old Headmasters by FreshPrinceLover
R, non-con. 01 Dec 2011. Dumbledore gives Harry a goblet of pumpkin juice but what Harry doesn't realise is that the juice has a love potion in it. (2,074 words)

Old World by wynnebat
PG-13, time travel. 17 Apr 2013. There are worse things than attempting to raise your godson almost a century before he was born, as Harry finds out. (WIP, 10,302+ words)

One More Time by Llama (fluffyllama)
NC-17, underage. 31 Dec 2004. VeryNaughty!Albus, unabashed smut with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, I'm afraid. (1,195 words)

Only Love Matters by Umbridgeitis
R. 05 Oct 2003. This is my first fanfic so play nice. HPAD are in love. Voldermort trying to kill as usual. (7,569 words)

Rocking Chair by diagonalist (also at PSA)
NC-17, non-con, somnophilia, chan. 26 Mar 2004. Albus gives into the temptation to touch what he considers his own. (1,498 words)

Scream of the butterfly by Black Cat (also at
NC-17, non-con. 04 Oct 2003. Dumbledore is losing his mind and mistakes Harry for James Potter and a relationship they supposedly had. Nice little twist at the end. (6,456 words)

Three of Cups by soda_and_capes (Chess / feverbeats) (also at and AO3)
PG-13, underage, also Dumbledore/Snape. 31 Aug 2009. Murder binds people together as surely as it splits one individual soul into pieces, creating bonds and breaking them. (4,427 words)

Time Laughs At Us All by Batsutousai (also at AO3,, and HPFandom)
PG-13, time travel, character death. 24 Sep 2009. Time-turners and age potions shouldn't be mixed, Harry accidentally finds out. His luck holds steady, though, and he finds both love and pain in the strangest of times. (8,182 words)

Virgin Sacrifice by TCRegan
NC-17. 2004? To get extra magical power wizards have to have sex with virgins. The more powerful virgin, the bigger the power boost is. Who is going to take Harry's virginity ? (2,801 words)

What Harry Saw by Anath de Malfoy
NC-17, chan. 16 Dec 2004. An AU fic where Dumbledore is raising Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Little Harry is being encouraged to make friends with other wizarding children. On a visit to Malfoy Manor, he sees something fascinating, and tells Albus all about it… (2,062 words)

The Wizarding World’s Whore, chapter 20 by Nocturne
NC-17, Harry/various in other chapters. Feb 2008. As the Wizarding World's gratitude to Harry Potter turned into perverse lust, Harry is used, taken and claimed. Explicit Kinks and Bottom!Harry. (3,982 words)

Long Fics
(20,000+ words)
Ephemeral Time by Mystical_Magician (also at AO3)
R, time travel. 31 Aug 2011. With nothing left to lose, Harry sends himself as far back into the past as his death will allow him. Tom Riddle is easy enough to take care of, but there are more threats than just the teenage Dark Lord. (WIP, 58,354+ words)

Harry Potter and the New Start by Rowanna Llewelyn
R, time travel. 15 Oct 2008. What if Harry decided not to ignore the crying baby at Kings Cross Station? What if he picks up Tom Riddle's soul? A possible tale of what could have happened after chapter 35. (WIP, 48,929 words)

Lemon Drops and Blood Pops by TokiMirage (also at
NC-17, time travel, violence. 24 Feb 2009. Have you ever wanted to read a realistic Albus/Harry? I did too, so I wrote it. Contains explicit violence, sex, and all kinds of crazy. (WIP, 84,713 words)

Planning Behind by Bubski McBoo
PG-13, epilogue-compliant. 02 Oct 2011. When he writes about his past for the sake of the curious wizarding world, Harry Potter finds himself falling in love with the memory of his dead Headmaster. Little does he know that Albus Dumbledore had memories that have yet to happen. (WIP, 27,447 words)

Shiny and Blue by Der Mondstrahl
R, time travel. Summer 2009. Harry finds himself in 1957 with new powers. With a job at Hogwarts, he makes friends the with adults from his youth like Albus and Minerva, and deals with old enemies. This story has action, adventure, humor and romance! Slash scenes are well marked. (214,598 words)

Their Crazy Love by Cashelle-gone-Crazy
PG-13. 14 Aug 2003. Harry is having dreams about Dumbledore and doesn't know what they mean until the one person they're about confesses something to him and he realizes he feels the same way. (WIP, 24,481 words)

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